Saturday, August 24, 2019

Reader Problems Book Tag

I found this tag via Howling Libraries and knew I needed to do this one to get me back to blogging. I have limited time and always feel like my blog gets the least of my attention. I am reading, just not able to post as often and find that reviews take more time than tags (hence the quantity of tags and such that you see so often).

1. You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How do you decide what to read next?

I'm a mood reader, but also face slumps. I think it would end up either by picking from my TBR jar, using a random number generator or honestly just picking what book jumps out at me in the moment.

2. You're halfway through a book and you're just not loving it. Do you put it down or are you committed?

For a long time I would force myself to finish each book I picked up, but have since changed my thought process on this. Why keep reading something you're not enjoying? Put it down and find something that captivates you. So many books, so little time.

3. The end of the year is coming and you're behind on your reading challenge. Do you try to catch up? And if so, how?

Try! Listen to audiobooks during commute - this is probably how I get through most of my books right now as I am missing my tablet with my reading apps since my toddler dropped it and shattered the screen. 

4. The covers of a series you love do not match. How do you cope?

I really hate when publishers do this, but I also don't want to spend ALL THE MONEY to buy replacement books unless it is an absolute must have, will read again and again series.
5. Everyone and their mother loved a book that you do not. Who do you bond with over your shared feelings?

The Twitterverse! Where else can you find like minded people to gripe with about books or even at least have a healthy debate for and against books?

6. You're reading a book in public and you're about to start crying. How do you deal?

Let the tears flow. No shame in my game.

7. The sequel to a book you loved just came out, but you've forgotten a lot of what happens. Are you going to reread it?

If I have time I might reread it or just go back and read my thoughts about the first book to refresh my memory. (That's assuming I finally got around to writing the review.)

8. You do not want anyone to borrow your books. How do you politely say no when someone asks?

Most people haven't been to my house, so I don't have to even let them know I own a copy. Muahaha! They can borrow from the library like everyone else (including me for the most part).

9. You have picked up and put down five books in the last month. How do you get over this reading slump?

Listen to an audiobook with a narrator I really love or by an author who's writing always grabs my attention. 

10. There are so many books coming out that you are dying to read. How many do you end up buying?

Maybe one or two. I don't tend to buy books on release dates due to cost. I usually borrow from the library or hope for ARCs. If I really love the book I'll watch for the paperback to come out or for discounted versions.

11. After you purchase all of these book that you're dying to read, how long do they sit on your shelf before you read them?

HAHAHAHA! Trick question... forever? Honestly, a lot sit for far too long but others are read ASAP. It's a complete toss up.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Mermaid's Voice Returns in This One by Amanda Lovelace | Review

The Mermaid's Voice Returns in This One by Amanda Lovelace
Published: March 5, 2019
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Pages: 210
Received: via NetGalley for honest review (catchup post)

Goodreads Choice Award-winning poet and USA TODAY bestselling author Amanda Lovelace presents the mermaid’s voice returns in this one — the third and final installment in her “women are some kind of magic” series, featuring a foreword from Lang Leav and 13 guest poems from leading voices in poetry such as Nikita Gill, KY Robinson, and Orion Carloto.

The mermaid is known for her siren song, luring bedroom-eyed sailors to their demise. However, beneath these misguided myths are tales of escapism and healing, which Lovelace weaves throughout this empowering collection of poetry, taking you on a journey from the sea to the stars. They tried to silence her once and for all, but the mermaid’s voice returns in this one.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: suicidal thoughts, abuse, depression and sexual assault. The book itself has a list of all trigger warnings which was amazing to see and much appreciated. Something I think is necessary in the book community so props to the author/publisher for including it.

First, I need to say that I haven't read the previous books in this poetry series and I'm aware they go together and perhaps should be read as companions to get the overall feel. Given that I haven't read the others yet, I still feel that this collection of poetry was inspiring. 

It was raw and emotional. It was gritty and chilling. It was everything it needed to be. Impactful in so many ways. It made me realize just how much people don't know what others are going through or why they do the things they do.

With the Me Too movement in recent news, this collection of poetry that includes poems from other women as well (that I understand is not the norm for this series), is a wonderful homage to the movement.

The poem that hit me and affected me immediately was: 

you worry
so much
the comfort
of others
that you
a time
you did

-you are worth spoiling

This is something that I have been actively working on in my life. I have forever been the person to give and give and give, yet many times felt let down by others. Yet, I cannot stop giving. I always say yes. Personal life or work life, I just can't say no. BUT - over time and with help, I have learned that it's not about everyone else ALL THE TIME. It's a hard thing to remember, but it's important to put yourself first no matter what is happening in your life. You can't move on or up if you don't lift yourself up first. This poem is something that I want to have with me as a reminder.

This will be a book I recommend to others to have the same heartfelt and inspirational experience that I did. I will definitely be reading the previous books in the series so I can experience the magic.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Thrillerathon TBR 2019

Yet another readathon that I'm participating in this year. It seems to be the year of readathons for me. There's a first for everything and I'm really enjoying the different ones I've found this year.

ThrillerAThon is right up my alley. I seem to read the most books from this genre. A lot of domestic thrillers, but overall mystery/thriller/creepy books.

You can find more details about ThrillerAThon via Twitter, Youtube (Harriet, Victoria and Nicole).

The readathon runs from August 19 - 26 and there is a BINGO card you can participate using or just the individual challenges. There are no rules to this one and even just reading one book during the week counts!

I plan to read as many as I can, so here are some that are on my tentative TBR.

1) Sweetpea by C.J. Skuse (A HOST'S FAV THRILLER) - going to borrow from library
2) The Doll House by Phoebe Morgan - (CREEPY COVER & NEW TO ME AUTHOR) borrowed from library
3) The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson (SHORTEST THRILLER & NEW TO ME AUTHOR) - own a copy
4) Darkhouse by Karina Halle (OLDEST) - it's actually more horror than thriller
5) The Never List by Koethi Zan (MOST ANTICIPATED) - borrow from my sister
6) Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica (AUTHOR I'VE READ) - borrow from library
7) Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson (NEWEST & TROPE) - hoping to borrow from library

I highly doubt that I will be able to read them all, but hoping to at least complete a line or two minimum. We'll see how much I get through. Plus things could change at the last minute TBR wise as they sometimes do.

Are you participating in ThrillerAThon? What are your goals? Whats on your TBR?

Monday, July 29, 2019

The Reading Rush 2019 Wrap-Up

Here are all the books I ended up reading during the Reading Rush week.

Here are the challenges:
1) Read a book with purple on the cover.
2) Read a book in the same spot the entire time.3) Read a book you meant to read last year.
4) Read and author's first book.
5) Read a book with a non-human main character.
6) Pick a book that has five or more words in the title.
7) Read and watch a book to movie adaptation.
BONUS: Read 7 books!

And this was my TBR for The Reading Rush!

And here is what I actually read: 

Not my original plan, but I hit all the marks with less books! 
The Wind in the Willows = Book with non-human main character
The Mermaid's Voice Returns in This One = purple cover, more than 5 words in title, read in same spot (lunchroom @ work)
The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender = author's first book
Coraline = book meant to read last year & book to movie adaptation

How did you do? Did you complete them all or at least the ones you were most excited about? 

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